S5 Box

After The Boat

Welcome back to your "real" life.

Disembark From The Boat Party

Cruise is over; get the $# off my boat! Hahaha, just kidding. You do have to get off the boat - but the party is NOT over yet!

After (Boat) Party

When the boat party is over, you’ll notice a "migration" of sorts; drones of people walking across Atlantic Avenue and up High Street. Just follow them. About half way up you’re gonna see your car pahked not far from Harvahd yahd but you'll really be in the Financial District.

VIP: Very Important Porthole

What’s this, a long line? A $5 cover charge? WRONG! At least, not if you got off the Boatonian!

Show the door guy your ticket and you walk right in the hottest Thursday night after party in the city! Stay as long as you want, we'll be long gone to plan next week's debacle!



Mike Chan
Everything went extremely well, it was a huge success! The boat was perfect and the captain and crew were super friendly. Everyone was very impressed with the boat that's for sure... Thanks again for upgrading us, that really made the the whole event better than we ever thought. But really thanks for everything you did, I really appreciate it.
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